Overview of nuclear industry in Belgium

PWR Units

Bel V Offices

Research, fuel cycle or isotope producing installations

More than 400 nuclear power plants are currently in operation around the world, generating 17% of the world’s electricity. The first small PWR reactor in Belgium ("BR-3" in Mol) was commissioned in 1962.

It was followed by 7 industrial units in Doel and Tihange from 1975 to 1985. Together they have a capacity of approximately 5,600 MW, covering some 57% of Belgium’s power production in 1996.

The selected location for sitting a large capacity nuclear power plant meets the required safety rules .Numerous investigations had previously been undertaken by Public Authorities, Utilities, University experts, study centres and various Belgian and foreign experts; they mainly concerned the quality of soil and sub-soil, the feasibility of river water utilization, the meteorology and the natural and human environment.

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