Were a nuclear accident to happen in Belgium, in spite of all the existing safety barriers and precautions, a special emergency plan will immediately be put into action, as it is also the case for other crisis situations.

The Emergency Plan for Nuclear Risks for the Belgian Territory is organized round a crisis centre of the federal government in Brussels.

Decisions for ensuring the safety of the population and the environment are taken by the coordination committee, in consultation with a board of scientific and medical experts. Instructions are then distributed, using the appropriate channels (media, …).

The government may decide to take one or more of the 4 following protection measures: 

• protection of the food chain 

• sheltering of the population  

• intake of stable iodine tablets 

• evacuation of the population. 

As far as you are concerned:

• First of all, don’t panic and keep calm, stay indoors (at home or in a nearby building), close windows and doors and stay tuned: the media will keep you informed about the evolution of the situation and the possible protection measures to be taken. You’d best stay indoors until the alarm has been officially declared off. Carefully follow the governments’ instructions. They may vary from intake stable iodine tablets to the evacuation of certain areas or the protection of the food chain. In such a case you will be notified and instructed well in time.

• Avoid undue use of the telephone, in order not to overburden the network and impede the work of the emergency services. 

The operation of the Emergency Plan for Nuclear Risks for the Belgian Territory is regularly tested by means of exercises.

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