Yearly exercises with specific objectives

Once a year, an exercise is organized for the nuclear power plants of Doel and Tihange, and every two years for the four other main installations (Institute of Radioelements, Belgonucléaire, Belgoprocess and the Nuclear Research Centre). The extent of these exercises is decided of by the Minister of Internal Affairs (or his delegate), in consultation with all the actors (licensees, Provincial Governor,...). Moreover, a large scale exercise (global exercise) is organized every three years.

Bel V systematically takes part in these exercises. According to the objectives aimed at, the Ministry includes different topics in these four yearly exercises (fire rescue, health care, police services, field measurements teams,...). The licensee is then put in charge of building a scenario which is adequate to respond to these objectives.

BELV HEC during an exercise

Other exercises can also be organized, such as:

• international exercises (ConvEx, « J-INEX »…)

• national emergency response exercises organised by the French authorities for the nuclear power plants of Chooz or Gravelines

Bel V also takes part in such exercises.

Each exercise is evaluated by all the parties involved that learn from it for their own use.

Under responsibility of the CGCCR, an annual global evaluation report of the exercises is written and transmitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs, not later than the end of March of each year. This report also includes an action plan from the lessons learned from the exercises.