Application of the SUDOQU methodology: Preliminary Results for Clearance of Objects from the Controlled Area of a Nuclear Facility 02/2018
Thermal Mixing Assessment Using 3-D Thermal-Hydraulic and CFD Codes. 09/2017
Unsteady Single-Phase Natural Circulation Flow Mixing Prediction Using CATHARE Three-Dimensional Capabilities 04/2017
Assessment of CATHARE 3D model in predicting the mixing phenomenon in a PWR reactor pressure vessel downcomer 11/2015
Experimental and Analytical Assessment of Natural Circulation Interruption Phenomenon in the LSTF and PKL Test Facilities 10/2015
Bel V collaboration with the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics: “Simulation of thermal-hydraulic phenomena in a Spent Fuel Pool of a Nuclear Power Plant” 06/2014
Numerical Simulations of a Mechanically-Ventilated Multi-Compartment Fire 02/2014
Assessment of the CATHARE 3D capabilities 12/2013
Computer simulations to study interaction between burning rates and pressure variations in confined enclosure fires 10/2013
Assessment of natural circulation interruption phenomenon in a PWR with inverted SG U-tubes. 05/2013
Bel V R&D activities in the frame of improved understanding of fire behaviour in nuclear facilities 11/2012
Survey of some Safety Issues related to some specific phenomena under Natural Circulation flow conditions 11/2012
CATHARE Assessment of Natural Circulation in the PKL Test Facility during Asymmetric Cooldown Transients 05/2011
Assessment of Natural Circulation Interruption During Asymmetric Cooldown Transients 10/2010